I feel that it’s rather fitting to make my first blog post on WordPress about my rather wide breadth of interests and writing goals.

Indeed, most writers have a specialisation and leave it at that. However, I am just coming into what I enjoy writing, and I have a career in writing that I really wish to enter. As such, I am consistently reaching out and expanding my horizons, which makes it increasingly difficult for me to categorize myself.

Am I prose writer?

Not just that.

A poetry writer?

Close, but no cigar.

As such, the best way to describe myself, I have found, is literally the title of this blog.

A Jill-of-all-Trades… only, specifically for writing.

I can promise no consistency with my blogs in all honesty. They will vary just as much as my skillset, and I hope that my readers appreciate this fact and stay with me regardless. Perhaps I’ll never sink into a firm category. Perhaps I’ll always stay floating between various boundaries.

Only time will tell.


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