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Sitting inside the Script Room

Alongside a good number of my peers, I attended the ‘Ears to the Ground’ event at Leicester De Montfort University yesterday evening. It had a focus which I personally found to be very fascinating;


Indeed, with the BBC and their Writer’s Room organisation, it made sense for the focus to be on writing scrips for television and radio. I have previously been interested in these fields, and the talks given by Justine Porter and others were very informative and enlightening about these fields that I have yet to fully travel.

Yet more expanding upon my repertoire of writing experience.

The other aspects, however, were things that I found to be the most fascinating. Justine expanded upon various different sectors within TV and radio within the BBC, which included things such as Children’s and Drama. These two genres and fields are certainly something which are relevant to what I want to be doing, if I were to be writing scripts.

In the second year of my undergraduate study, I undertook a module for Playwriting, and haven’t visited this area since. Attending this talk yesterday evening truly opened my eyes to an industry that I had considered, but never truly committed to.

And with an organisation solely committed to providing emerging writers with a platform for their work to be shown… needless to say, I was hooked.

I couldn’t help feeling that there was a definite dip of energy and interest in the second half, but nevertheless, all of the information given was invaluable. Having a writer who not only wrote stage plays, but radio plays as well, made for a fascinating ¬†industry insight that I would not otherwise have.

The talk was long, however, I think we were all feeling more than a little drained in the small and hot room by the end.

More important than that though; we emerged with our eyes open to brand new avenues, and fresh inspiration for avenues that we were yet to truly explore.


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