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Star Wars Shenanigans

As if to make up for lack of creativity recently in terms of writing new things, I’ve decided to talk about my recent joy of binge-watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

In all honesty, it’s pretty much all I’ve been doing for the past two weeks or so.

It certainly hasn’t helped in the past couple of days because I’ve been feeling ill and sorry for myself, so burying myself in blankets and shoving on a TV show that’s (questionably) supposed to be for kids has given me a great amount of comfort.

Long story short, I was dissuaded from watching these two series earlier because… well, they’re cartoons. And to me, Star Wars has always been live action and CGI/ practical effects. It felt somewhat wrong to watch cartoon series about it, and until Disney bought the franchise, the Clone Wars series and Rebels weren’t confirmed to be ‘canon’. So I avoided the two series and got irritated whenever they came up in conversation.

“They aren’t Star Wars!!”

Well, how wrong was I when Disney confirmed them to be canon?

Now, I’m not wholly knowledgeable about what and what isn’t Star Wars canon. I’m not even going to pretend that I am. I’ve easily gotten some facts wrong already, but hey-ho. I’ve never claimed to be a hardcore Star Wars fan.

I ran out of TV series to watch two or three weeks ago, and was urged to watch Clone Wars by a few friends of mine. The first couple of episodes had me feeling somewhat indifferent, but by episode four or five… I was hooked. And I watched the whole series within that time frame before moving onto Rebels. The characters are given a great deal more depth than they were in the films, and both series cover gaps in the lore that I find particularly interesting.

A literal dream come true.

The moral of the story is;

Star Wars fans. If you’re adamant about not watching the cartoon series, I can’t force you to watch them. However, they add huge depth and breadth to a wonderful universe, and give a much more rigid time structure to things in the universe that you can piece together for yourself.

From a narrative point of view, both series are honestly glorious. Clone Wars was largely episodic due to a variety of reasons, and jumps all over the place in different parts of the series. It doesn’t take much to pencil out a timeline with the more you watch, and it adds another layer of excitement to the whole process (at least, in my eyes). Rebels, when it picks up, has a large cast of interesting characters, and cameos from others in the wider universe.

In short: I’ve rekindled my inner Star Wars nerd with a vengeance, and I’d recommend for everybody else to do the same.


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