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The Bathos Experiment

Experimental poetry; never a field that I would consider myself to be proficient in, by any means.

But, it has proved to be a rather amusing and interesting form for me to dabble in. Courtesy of a reading tomorrow in small groups between my Creative Writing MA peers, I have had a look at a few techniques of writing experimental (otherwise known as ‘innovative’ or ‘avant-garde’) poetry that will be shared.

The focus of my writing?

As if it isn’t obvious with the title, I took the theme of bathos in this sort of work and reversed its typical appearance at the end of serious, dark themes.

Instead, I experimented with having the ridiculous at the beginning of a poem, slowly trickling down into seriousness.

Please do give me some feedback on what you think!

Noodle limbs flail and fly

tongue protrudes and sticks



raspberries blown on salmon, swimming salmon, living salmon

they scream



teeth protrude and sink




I never promised that it would be long; the first stanza is what you will find written here. I hope you were suitably baffled/ horrified!


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