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Crowdsourced Poetry: Gaming

The MA course is forever teaching me new things and expanding my horizons of what I can write comfortably.

Yesterday, we learnt about crowdsourcing in poetry, and how one can make quite a poignant piece which comes from other peoples’ social media and words.

To experiment with this new form, I took to my Twitter account and searched up two hashtags:

#gaming and #gamer.

I recorded my favourite tweets with these hashtags and phrases, and proceeded to cut and paste different parts of them to create something rather fascinating.

My aim in terms of career is to become a Game Writer, so my poem became a comment on the Game Industry and their employment in a very loose sense, as well as varied out of context snippets that make for quite an amusing mash-up.

Without any further adieu, the following was the result of this experiment.

#gaming, #gamer

Prepare yourself,

not taking chances,

isn’t. that. intelligent.

at. all.

Moral choices.




Looking to hire a woman.


No EXP necessary.

(For a woman).


need to bring gender into discussion.

(no need).

Ask us for a picture.

testament to success.



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