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A Promise | Bite-Sized Fiction, I

Somewhat back from the dead once again.

For my creative writing assignment this term, I have decided to focus on quite a unique and fascinating form:

Flash Fiction.

I was inspired due to various ideas I had to complete a collaborative project with photography, and thought about getting practise with this assignment in order to hone it and see if I can write for such a short form.

It was immensely difficult, when one considers my usual long-winded style of writing (which I’m showcasing beautifully right now), but, I’ve produced a couple of pieces that have been peer assessed and tweaked!

As I work on them and edit them to a standard that I’m happy with, I’ll be posting them here as a sort of ongoing portfolio until they’re all up there.

Each one is prompted by real, human occasions, moments, or emotions. Please share your feedback with me about them! As with any new form, it takes feedback and polishing to perfect, more so than any previous prose I’ve written!

Now, with this first piece, I shall be aiming to cast your minds back to something very important that you vow.

What else could it be termed…?

A Promise 

There she was again.

I started seeing her everywhere after first glimpsing her on a crowded train. What were the chances of that?

She did the same thing every time, when she appeared. That same half-smile. Slight tilt of her head. Brushing a hand back through her cropped hair.

And as she lowered that hand, she vanished.

Someone or something would obscure her for only a second, but that was all it took.

Sometimes I imagined what she would sound like. Undoubtedly bemused, as she often seemed when I saw her. Perhaps a little smug.



She reminded me of something. Perhaps that was why she always reappeared. My brain wanted to remind me of that thing, and continuously made her all but materialise.

It was a promise. What she reminded me of, that is.

After my last ‘relationship’, I made a vow for me and me alone.

I would no longer let chances fly past me like a locomotive that never stopped at my platform.

Maybe that was why I all but pushed a passing couple to the ground to keep sight of her today.

Maybe that was why I weaved through the commuter crowd like a trained dog.

I lost her.

That was until I turned around and saw her there, looking straight at me.

“About time!”


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