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Lost and Found | Bite-Sized Fiction, V

Another rapid-fire installment. I’ve had a rather productive day today; tying up all of the creative loose ends, so to speak, and produced the remaining pieces I had planned.

Please read and provide me with feedback, as always!

Pet disappearances happen frequently, but do we ever really think about the impact they have on the family?

In this piece, I hope to provide a little bit of insight for a little family…

Lost and Found

“You’ve not heard anything at all?” The woman paused and awaited a response on the other end of the phone. Her expression dropped the longer she was silent, listening.

It wasn’t good news.

“Okay. Please keep our advert in the paper, I’ll gladly pay extra,” she paused, clenched her jaw, and exhaled the breath she had been holding, “thank you.”

She ended the call with the local newspaper agent and turned her head back to see her little boy hanging his head behind her.

She guessed he had been listening for the whole phone call.

“I’m so sorry, darling.” She crouched down, enveloping him in a tight hug. She felt a familiar wetness as his face rubbed against her shoulder, and her bottom lip trembled.

“It’s been a long time, mummy. Eight whole days. Coco will be hungry and scared.” He whimpered gently, barely audible and muffled as he spoke into her shoulder.

She couldn’t say a thing. All she could do was hold him tight as he cried.

A soft padding of a sound echoed in the empty living room when he dropped what he had been holding. Coco’s favourite toy. She remembered him making it all by himself.

“Will the new kitten like it, mummy?”

She felt the feathers attached to one end of the beaded doll tickle against her bare feet. Instead of feeling fur tracing at her ankle next, as Coco would normally give chase, she instead felt a chill.


“Coco will be home soon, sweetie. The whole village is looking for her, alright? That’s a lot of people.”

She knew deep down that her reassurances could only do so much. All he really wanted was for their beloved cat to return home.

Coco had been a god-send for him. He opened up out of his tightly closed shell to befriend her, and they had become inseparable. As cats went, Coco was immeasurably affectionate and loved being around people. It helped him to feel that way too.

“Mummy, I see her.”

She started to doubt whether they would see Coco again, but she had to remain positive for his sake… he’d be heartbroken if she never came home.

“Mummy, look.”

He tugged at me hard, and pointed towards the wide patio doors which gave a perfect view of our modest garden.

Sat on the central stone fence post near the vegetable patch, was Coco. Exuding a regal air as always, pristine in appearance even though she had been missing for over a week.

“She’s come home!” He was excited now, and bolted straight away to open the patio doors, before running out onto the grass.

Cats were funny creatures. Especially this one.

I was so happy to see her that I wasn’t angry or disgusted about the dead mouse laid at her paws.

“Let her come inside, and hope she leaves that awful thing out here.”


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