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Susie | Bite-Sized Fiction, IV

The fourth installment of flash fiction that I’m writing is finished!

As ever, please give this a read and provide feedback so that I can improve for future writings.

Without any further exposition, this piece focuses on a man who receives a letter; something sent from a person in his life who has since gone elsewhere…


The letter on my kitchen counter was taunting me.

I recognised the handwriting; every curl of the neat cursive lettering. Only my name was written in jagged capitals.

The return address field on the back of the envelope was left blank, except for a name.


That was all. Just ‘Susie’.

But that was all I needed.

Had I really been staring at an unopened letter for ten minutes straight? It certainly seemed that way.

Now was as good a time as ever to read it.

Hours and minutes on the clock didn’t really have meaning anymore. Not since…


The letter would make more sense of that.

I clumsily tried to open the envelope without tearing it beyond recognition, and only partially succeeded. The return address box on the back was intact, as was the name written there. I laid this scrap of paper on the counter and unfurled the letter itself.


The piece of paper was blank.

I closed my eyes and opened them quickly again, refocused my gaze on the letter.

Even after trying this tact for what felt like forever, even inflicting pain with a pinch to myself to see if I was hallucinating, there was nothing.

On the back, in the bottom left corner of the paper, I saw what seemed to be a smudge of ink. Closer inspection revealed it to be a word, neat and tightly packed to appear no larger than a grain of rice.


It read… ‘Gone’.

That was all the explanation I needed. Laying the paper down on the counter beside the return address box, I tried not to let my tears fall.

Susie. Gone.


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