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Sunny Days

Some summery insight, because why not?

Wine and Gatorade was never normally an acceptable mix, but in the height of summer, it was all but encouraged.

Laying out in direct sunlight was a health hazard, surely? Just slap on some sunscreen in summer and get on with it!

Absorb that Vitamin D, store it away for the long winters.

It’s a commodity, a luxury, a lot of doctors would say.

Cold drinks that weren’t too cold, save risking a shock to your body with its heightened temperature.

Ice packs and cold, wet towels were all on stand-by.

Plastic swimming pools, blown up with a vacuum cleaner in reverse and filled with the leaky outdoor hose.

Diving in and out of the shade like a being possessed.

Complaining about being ‘too hot’, and subsequently ‘too cold’ when cooled off.

Weather in extremes is a fantastic phenomenon.

Universal little ‘hacks’ and ‘tricks’ that could be shared, along with those that we have grown up with that we treat as scientific fact.

Simply all part of the fun.


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