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Count the Ways | Poem #3 of April

Between sky and earth,

Seagulls and bricks,

The could

Be a lifetime,

Or a blink.


Shall I count the ways?

I lose track after my final



The ways in which we find new beginnings.


That empty space,

A threshold between two extremes,

Reminds me of the fresh, the new,



Maybe not when time marches


Will that curiosity and wonder die when I become…


A grandma?


Too American.


Reminds me of asphalt and the almost

Unnecessary way of saying



Good afternoon/ evening, everybody!

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. Throughout April, I was writing poetry for NaPoWriMo!! I’ve got enough material to compile into a small collection (finally), so I’m going to be working through that for a while.

For the moment, I hope you enjoyed the above poem which was borne of an interesting prompt…

I had to include a list of words, which was a fun challenge to undertake!

I wonder if anybody can guess which words were part of the prompt…


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