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Direction Shift

So, I’m aware that I’ve been talking about this whole publication business for quite some time, now.

After partaking in NaPoWriMo, I gathered a lot of poetry for a collection which would be silly not to utilise! My direction down this long and winding road has changed yet again, and I’m now going to be putting all of my focus on this area.

I’ve (finally) made a group of Trusted Readers through my author Facebook page, and am in the process of polishing the incomplete collection for them to read.

To cut a long story short, I’m finally back on track with actually reaching this elusive goal of mine!

I’m going to be making myself different goals per day to achieve, and amounts that I should be writing, too.

My question to anybody out there who is published or is looking to be published is quite simple…

What would you recommend for me to do? Where should I direct my attention? Is there anything else I can be doing that isn’t (trying) to write and keeping up to date on my social media outlets?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Otherwise, I’ll keep forging forward with this goal of mine and aim to get some poetry out there in some form of publication this year.


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