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Treasury | Writing Exercise

I am a treasure chest; a collection of short tales to delight, I feel displaced and alone. I would rather be where I belong; among those that rustle. I sit with other clustered work, and I suppose they are what one would call friends. I dream about free movement; to not be bound like my… Continue reading Treasury | Writing Exercise

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I was supposed to be in bed six hours ago. Daylight began to filter through my badly closed blinds. One beam of all but piercing light blinded me. Squinting, I moved my current seated angle away from that irritation. I regained my focus. Trained fingers worked frantically again as I started to be absorbed into… Continue reading Immersive

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Hollow | Stanza for your thoughts

This hollowness inside, it echoes; amplified by the hole you left behind. A quick-fire stand-alone stanza of poetry that my Twitter followers might have seen a while back. Upon reflection, I rather like this small yet powerful snapshot into one of the many feelings I experience in a long-distance relationship. I write these small poetry… Continue reading Hollow | Stanza for your thoughts

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What Definitions Should Be…

Book noun. A bound collection of magical property. Has the ability to transport a willing (and sometimes unwilling) participant to another land, another time; to see through another person’s eyes. Spoon noun. A small implement used to stir sweetness and swirls into a hot beverage of choice. Longer varieties become like maneuverable shovels to ingest liquid-like substance.… Continue reading What Definitions Should Be…

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Debut | Bite-Sized Fiction, VI

The final installment of my experiment with flash fiction! As always, please read it over and comment with feedback. I’ve had a lot of fun writing for this assignment, and want to know whether this form of prose is a good fit for me or not. For our last (and shortest) piece, the narrator finds… Continue reading Debut | Bite-Sized Fiction, VI

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Lost and Found | Bite-Sized Fiction, V

Another rapid-fire installment. I’ve had a rather productive day today; tying up all of the creative loose ends, so to speak, and produced the remaining pieces I had planned. Please read and provide me with feedback, as always! Pet disappearances happen frequently, but do we ever really think about the impact they have on the… Continue reading Lost and Found | Bite-Sized Fiction, V