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Treasury | Writing Exercise

I am a treasure chest; a collection of short tales to delight, I feel displaced and alone. I would rather be where I belong; among those that rustle. I sit with other clustered work, and I suppose they are what one would call friends. I dream about free movement; to not be bound like my… Continue reading Treasury | Writing Exercise

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Road to Publication | Blog 1

This will be a series of blogs about my thoughts and process I go through in order to get my work published! Today’s prevailing thought: I was completely unprepared for the time-consuming nature of the process and the research involved. Working full time and then trying to scrounge some motivation to edit and write to… Continue reading Road to Publication | Blog 1

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I was supposed to be in bed six hours ago. Daylight began to filter through my badly closed blinds. One beam of all but piercing light blinded me. Squinting, I moved my current seated angle away from that irritation. I regained my focus. Trained fingers worked frantically again as I started to be absorbed into… Continue reading Immersive

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Lives in Post-Its

So, I apologise for dropping off the face of the earth for the last couple of months, but I’m going to be becoming more active once again in terms of publishing my work here! It’s been a very busy couple of months in regards to picking up a full time job and adjusting to a… Continue reading Lives in Post-Its

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Life Before Death: Book II of Shattered Destinies, Chapter Three

Three “… a Pharaoh’s cartouche is of the utmost importance…” Words and phrases broke into and out of my concentration in a repeated fashion while I scanned the library lazily, eyes finding remotely intriguing papyrus scrolls in their slots every so often. Every time I saw something that seemed unique or different, I fixated upon… Continue reading Life Before Death: Book II of Shattered Destinies, Chapter Three