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Direction Shift

So, I’m aware that I’ve been talking about this whole publication business for quite some time, now. After partaking in NaPoWriMo, I gathered a lot of poetry for a collection which would be silly not to utilise! My direction down this long and winding road has changed yet again, and I’m now going to be… Continue reading Direction Shift

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Count the Ways | Poem #3 of April

Between sky and earth, Seagulls and bricks, The could Be a lifetime, Or a blink.   Shall I count the ways? I lose track after my final Fingers;   The ways in which we find new beginnings.   That empty space, A threshold between two extremes, Reminds me of the fresh, the new, Change.  … Continue reading Count the Ways | Poem #3 of April

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Energy | Poem

I don’t have it.   This force that drives us, it needs a boost, a charge, a jolt.   Mine is depleted, become obsolete, putting me on power-saving.   A jump- start.   A life- saver.   The mundane is covered. The exiting is empty.   Sleep mode might help.   More hours a night,… Continue reading Energy | Poem

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Treasury | Writing Exercise

I am a treasure chest; a collection of short tales to delight, I feel displaced and alone. I would rather be where I belong; among those that rustle. I sit with other clustered work, and I suppose they are what one would call friends. I dream about free movement; to not be bound like my… Continue reading Treasury | Writing Exercise

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Road to Publication | Blog 3

Perhaps the biggest rambling thought that crosses my mind about this project is: Is my work even any good? Writers seem to consistently struggle with self-doubt, and we never feel too great about what we create. We are, after all, our own worst critics. Alongside the lack of time I seem to find nowadays, this… Continue reading Road to Publication | Blog 3

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Road to Publication | Blog 2

What else is good to organise when you’re looking to get published? Headshots, of course! I’ve had a series coming back from a photoshoot I attended over the weekend, and the photographer worked hard with me to create my authorial “brand” in images alone. Her work was magnificent! Immensely happy with what was produced.

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Road to Publication | Blog 1

This will be a series of blogs about my thoughts and process I go through in order to get my work published! Today’s prevailing thought: I was completely unprepared for the time-consuming nature of the process and the research involved. Working full time and then trying to scrounge some motivation to edit and write to… Continue reading Road to Publication | Blog 1