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Hollow | Stanza for your thoughts

This hollowness inside, it echoes; amplified by the hole you left behind. A quick-fire stand-alone stanza of poetry that my Twitter followers might have seen a while back. Upon reflection, I rather like this small yet powerful snapshot into one of the many feelings I experience in a long-distance relationship. I write these small poetry… Continue reading Hollow | Stanza for your thoughts

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Crowdsourced Poetry: Gaming

The MA course is forever teaching me new things and expanding my horizons of what I can write comfortably. Yesterday, we learnt about crowdsourcing in poetry, and how one can make quite a poignant piece which comes from other peoples’ social media and words. To experiment with this new form, I took to my Twitter… Continue reading Crowdsourced Poetry: Gaming

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A Collection of Opposites

Somewhat different from what I’ve been posting recently, but I’ve tried my hand at some poetry. Utilising a poetry engine taught by my Creative Writing tutor, I have started generating poems comprised of opposing themes and imagery. Without further adieu, here is the first; Ancient and decrepit, glistening and bright, wise as glass, yet they… Continue reading A Collection of Opposites