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A Small Update!

It’s been a short while since I’ve posted anything creative to my blog here, and there’s a reason for that… I’ve been working to finalise a short story collection after talking about it for a couple of years!! Procrastination is strong, sometimes. As such, my posts here will become a lot more blog-like as opposed… Continue reading A Small Update!

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I was supposed to be in bed six hours ago. Daylight began to filter through my badly closed blinds. One beam of all but piercing light blinded me. Squinting, I moved my current seated angle away from that irritation. I regained my focus. Trained fingers worked frantically again as I started to be absorbed into… Continue reading Immersive

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Hollow | Stanza for your thoughts

This hollowness inside, it echoes; amplified by the hole you left behind. A quick-fire stand-alone stanza of poetry that my Twitter followers might have seen a while back. Upon reflection, I rather like this small yet powerful snapshot into one of the many feelings I experience in a long-distance relationship. I write these small poetry… Continue reading Hollow | Stanza for your thoughts

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What Definitions Should Be…

Book noun. A bound collection of magical property. Has the ability to transport a willing (and sometimes unwilling) participant to another land, another time; to see through another person’s eyes. Spoon noun. A small implement used to stir sweetness and swirls into a hot beverage of choice. Longer varieties become like maneuverable shovels to ingest liquid-like substance.… Continue reading What Definitions Should Be…