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A Collection of Opposites

Somewhat different from what I’ve been posting recently, but I’ve tried my hand at some poetry. Utilising a poetry engine taught by my Creative Writing tutor, I have started generating poems comprised of opposing themes and imagery. Without further adieu, here is the first; Ancient and decrepit, glistening and bright, wise as glass, yet they… Continue reading A Collection of Opposites

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Fabularis | Part III, Chapter I

The final part of my opening chapter (which means that I now have to knuckle down and write more…)! In the last part, we were introduced to the hard-as-nails Gerty, Jed’s only friend in a village of people who view him as an outsider. She tells him about some rather grave news, and promises to… Continue reading Fabularis | Part III, Chapter I

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Fabularis | Part II, Chapter I

A continuation from my Fantastical Adventure in the making! In Part 1, Jedrek has been suitably abused and reflects upon his predicament and lifestyle in this village. Somebody familiar approaches and calls him by his name, which he doesn’t recognise until a good mental kick later! Now without further adieu… “Eh?” I blinked and focused… Continue reading Fabularis | Part II, Chapter I

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Fabularis | Part I, Chapter I

Middle grade/ Young Adult fiction is something that I’ve enjoyed writing for quite a while now. For my latest assignment, I wrote the opening chapter to a new concept of mine; an Adventure/ Fantasy book or story. This is only the first chapter, and already I’m quite excited to continue it! Enjoy Part 1 of… Continue reading Fabularis | Part I, Chapter I

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The Fellowship of Milan | I

Look who’s back from the dead…! Well, mostly, at least. I’ll be dedicating more time to writing on here again and getting back into the habit of doing so as frequently as I can! And what better way to kick that off with an exert from some travel writing I’ve been working on? There we… Continue reading The Fellowship of Milan | I